Quatrosceens have been established as an efficient and cost effective way of screening sewage and waste water flows for over 20 years.

Quatroscreens use the simple principle of a fishing net to capture particles contained in a flow of water or effluent.

Once installed they require no power to operate, no maintenance and the only on-going cost is replacement screening bags.

Quatroscreens use the centuries old principle of a fishing net to capture floating waste contained in water and effluent to prevent pollution incidents or blockages which reduce the efficiency or damage treatment plant thereby affecting overall plant efficiency and increasing operating cost.

Quatroscreens use low cost disposable mesh bags with varying mesh sizes (see bag page) so that fine, medium or coarse screening can be achieved. When in operation screenings are conveniently contained in the mesh bags for easy, safe disposal.

Quatroscreen installations are fabricated from robust, long life, High Density Polyethylene, with the bag being mounted in a unique “manifold” which locks the bag into place using full peripheral locking of the bag so that the bag is not subject to point loads which lead to in-service bag failure, detachment and concequential pollution, reduction of effluent quality or serious plant damage.

Quatroscreen manifolds are designed to be lifted from the flow for bag replacement, to do this they have integral lifting handles which have large openings to allow them to be lifted by gloved hands or using the Quatroscreen claw when the screen is below the access walkway (see bespoke solutions page).

Quatroscreens are a modular design and can be purpose made to fit into new or existing installations.


Quatrosafe Products offer replacement screening bags for Quatroscreens and Copasacs. Bags are available with popular mesh sizes 6mm x 6mm typically for filter protection and 10mm x 10mm for storm applications and will fit Quatroscreen or Copasac installations.

Other meshes and bag sizes are available, please contact us for details.