A new range of Spring assisted lift, hinged, lockable Access Covers for pump wells, valve chambers (and other frequently accessed floor openings) designed specifically for installation in locations with difficult/restricted access.

For years large, heavy, dangerous access covers have been tolerated because the cost or shear logistical difficulty of replacing them has been prohibitive. Even relatively small covers frequently need 2 people just to lift the covers-meaning they are subject to manual handling and working at height risks when carrying out this work, the Quatrosafe Access Cover is the solution.

The Quatrosafe Covers’ unique design means that they are manufactured/supplied in ‘flat-pack’ form meaning that covers can be installed in locations where it is impossible to access with normal delivery vehicles and cranes required to install traditional style access covers.

We offer lockable single or double door upstand access covers (single or double door depending upon the size of opening) which can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit site conditions.

The upstand mounting frame and hinged lid components are fabricated from high strength mild steel and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

The covers have internal frame flanges for added security and the cover lid is hinged and fitted with torsion spring lid assistance to comply with H.S.E. Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

All covers feature automatic self-locking stays to retain the lid in the open position, the covers also have a self-locking secondary safety grid to protect the opening against accidental fall when the cover lid(s) are open.



Constructed from Galvanized Steel with GRP lid.  Strong and corrosion resistant with non-slip lid.
Spring assisted lid. Labour saving – single person operation.
Spring assisted lid. Reduced weight to be lifted to comply with H&S regulations.
Lockable. Security and vandalism prevention.
Openable Secondary fall prevention grill. Falls into chamber when covers are opened prevented by safety grill.
Lid stay. Open lid is locked open and cannot fall shut on personnel.
Modular design. Size customisable to suit site requirements.
Pedestrian rated. Can be installed in normal walkways/pathways.
Retrofitable surface mount design. Subject to site conditions can be installed to existing
structures without civil mods.


Unique Feature

Unique Benefit

Flat pack construction. Can be installed on most sites using only hand-tools – no lifting
equipment required.
GRP lid. Non slip and non corroding.