Circular sedimentation tanks can be made to work more effectively and efficiently by the installation of Quatrobrushes.

If left unmaintained Humus Tanks and Final Settlement tank outlet collector channels grow long fibrous algae which when it breaks off ruins final effluent quality, adds to suspended solids and also contributes to blockages of wash-water pumps. Similarly vee notch weir boards become blocked with Algae over time which destroys efficient tank operation and flow distribution between tanks.

Removal of this growth by hand is slow, laborious, time consuming and potentially dangerous, the solution is the installation of the Quatrobush channel cleaning system.

The Quatrobrush system is a non-powered brush cleaning system which is towed by the Settlement Tank Scraper Bridge which prevents the build-up of damaging algae by continuously sweeping the outlet channel and weir boards, preventing build-up and growth.

Quatrobrushes features a unique parallelogram towing arrangement constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel with stainless steel leaf springs carrying Polypropylene brushes.

Brushes are consumables, replacement brush material is available from Quatrosafe Products Ltd, servicing can be made safely and easily using the new (lifting Quatrobrush System).

Quatrobrushes Removing Algae

Clean Vee Notches After Brushes Fitted

Quatrobrush From Inside Channel