Process Products from Quatrosafe

Quatrosafe Products Limited are committed to quality with all manufacturing carried out to BS EN ISO 9001 accredited quality systems. All Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer and we offer a reliable service built on years of industry experience.


Circular sedimentation tanks can be made to work more effectively and efficiently by the installation of Quatrobrushes.

If left unmaintained Humus Tanks and Final Settlement tank outlet collector channels grow long fibrous algae which when it breaks off ruins final effluent quality, adds to suspended solids and also contributes to blockages of wash-water pumps. Similarly vee notch weir boards become blocked with Algae over time which destroys efficient tank operation and flow distribution between tanks…

Lifting Quatrobrushes

Lifting Quatrobrushes are the latest development in the on-going process of the Quatrobrush.

Featuring all the operational feature of the Quatrobrush, the lifting Quatrobrush is mounted on a lifting frame which means the brushes can be removed from the outlet channel without the need for personnel access into the channel.

The system is available on new installations or may be retro-fitted to existing Quatrobrush installations, please contact Quatrosafe Products for information…


Quatrosceens have been established as an efficient and cost effective way of screening sewage and waste water flows for over 20 years.

Quatroscreens use the simple principle of a fishing net to capture particles contained in a flow of water or effluent. Once installed they require no power to operate, no maintenance and the only on-going cost is replacement screening bags.

Quatroscreens use the centuries old principle of a fishing net to capture floating waste contained in water…